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Evaluation of investments in crypto markets is subject to various dynamic factors which can be resolved and predicted with the help of ever-expanding technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. This technology has helped to close the gap between experienced traders who rely on estimation and new traders who are looking towards technological solutions to maximize profitability. At Fplus, we are constantly trying to bridge finance and technology to better understand emerging monetary assets such as cryptocurrency which elude even experienced traders and financial experts. At Fplus, we constantly look for solutions, customized for your financial needs.

Cryptocurrency is the emerging form of digital currency that has forced everyone, from world governments to multinational companies to sit up and take notice of its importance and its significant impact on the world economy. After the astronomical rise of Bitcoin, there has been an influx of both new cryptocurrencies as well as investors. This means that the typical volume handled in such markets is enormous. These markets are also generally very volatile and prices vary greatly between crypto offerings. This makes these markets extremely unpredictable. For investors who are new to the foray of cryptocurrency, this can seem very intimidating.

Why Fplus?

With over 10,000 traders across 5 markets, the unique amalgamation of trade and technology has ensured that Fplus has a firm stronghold among trade platforms and trade advisory services. Machine learning, Natural Language Processing and artificial intelligence have been used extensively to develop algorithms that can effectively sift through tonnes of relevant data to form market patterns.

This has ensured better efficiency, productivity and more reliable trading strategies. For markets as dynamic as Forex, suggested trading strategies, along with risk probabilities can provide a huge extra edge and can maximize your profit. At Fplus, we believe in pioneering solutions with the help of innovation and technology.

It creates a number of random digital traders and test their performance against historical stock data. Just like the theory of natural selection (survival of the fittest), these algorithms identify the winners and use their key attributes or “genes” to create the next generation of superior traders. This process is repeated across various market conditions to eventually create a set of smart traders.

We also use Deep Learning, a subset of AI to manage the portfolio. we use it to model and predict fundamentals of companies, marry that with social media content from Twitter, Facebook etc, and other news stories to connect relevant data points and make market predictions to identify trading recommendations.

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